Naurattan with Sapphire Colored Onyx Drop Earrings: Vedic Elegance in Silver and Gold

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  1. Naurattan Stones: Nine diverse gems symbolizing celestial bodies and energies.
  2. Visual Spectacle: Light interaction creates a mesmerizing color play.
  3. Sapphire Colored Onyx Drop: Contrasting deep blue for elegance and mystery.
  4. Sterling Silver Base: Durable and lustrous, enhancing the gemstones’ vibrancy.
  5. Gold Plating: Adds historical grandeur and amplifies the gems’ beauty.

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  • The “Naurattan with Sapphire Drop Earrings” is an exquisite piece of jewelry that embodies an amalgamation of color and elegance. This stunning creation features the nine gems, or Naurattan, each resonating with the distinct energy of Vedic astrology’s celestial bodies. As light plays upon these authentic stones, a spectacular visual tapestry unfolds, captivating the eye with its vibrant hues and intricate detailing.
  • The highlight of these earrings is the Sapphire Colored Onyx drop, which adds a deep and mysterious touch to the piece. This onyx, reminiscent of the depth and allure of the ocean, not only provides a striking pop of color but also dangles with an inherent elegance, making every movement a graceful statement.
  • The base of these earrings is crafted from lustrous sterling silver. Selected for its durability and radiant hue, the sterling silver forms a perfect complement to the naurattan stones’ riot of colors. This ensures that the earrings stand out as a cherished piece in any jewelry collection.
  • To add a touch of historical elegance, the earrings are plated in gold. This Midas touch amplifies the intrinsic beauty of the gems, ensuring that the wearer shines the brightest in any gathering. The Naurattan with Sapphire Colored Onyx Drop Earrings are more than just an accessory; they are a testament to the timeless beauty of Vedic astrology’s gems, elegantly presented in a modern masterpiece.

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