Polki & Meena Gucha Balis: A Fusion of Royal Elegance and Traditional Craftsmanship

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  1. Fiery Treated Rubies as Foundation: Features treated rubies, symbolizing passion, royalty, and strength, with each facet echoing tales of regal splendor.
  2. Grey Zircon Polkies for Rustic Brilliance: Includes grey zircon polkies, offering a contrast with their uncut, raw beauty.
  3. Cultured Pearl Guchas for Balance: Adorned with cultured pearl guchas, adding a calming luminescence and balancing the vibrancy of the rubies.
  4. Enchanting Green and Black Enamel Work: The ‘Meena’ enamel work in green and black adds depth, color, and narrative to the balis.
  5. Sterling Silver Base for Durability and Sheen: Crafted in sterling silver, providing a radiant and sturdy foundation.
  6. Luxurious Gold Plating for Royal Charm: Enveloped in gold plating, enhancing the balis’ opulence and paying homage to India’s rich jewelry heritage.

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The Polki & Meena Gucha Balis represent a melange of artistry and tradition, seamlessly blending the grandeur of royal jewels with the finesse of traditional craftsmanship. At the foundation of these exquisite earrings are the treated rubies, whose fiery hue resonates with themes of passion, royalty, and strength. Every facet of these rubies tells a tale of regal splendor, reminiscent of love stories set in palatial courtyards and celebrations under starlit skies.

Amidst the vibrant red of the rubies, the grey zircon polkies bring their own unique charm. Known as the traditional counterpart of diamonds, these polkies carry a rustic brilliance. Their uncut, raw beauty creates a stunning contrast with the refined glow of the rubies, adding an element of rustic elegance to the balis.

The earrings are further adorned with cultured pearl guchas, whose gentle luminescence introduces a calming element. These pearls balance the vibrancy of the rubies and the shimmer of the polkies, creating a harmonious design.

The soul of these balis lies in the intricate enamel work, known as ‘Meena.’ The green and black enamel adds depth and artistry, breathing life and narrative into the piece. This ancient technique of ornamenting metals is a testament to the rich heritage of Indian jewelry making.

Crafted in sterling silver, the balis boast a radiant sheen and robust character. The sterling silver base, comprising 92.5% pure silver, provides an impeccable foundation for the stones and enamel, ensuring longevity.

To complete the design, the balis are enveloped in luxurious gold plating. This layer of gold enhances their royal aura, making them exude an undeniable charm. Every glint of gold in these balis pays homage to India’s age-old love affair with this precious metal, making them a true representation of royal elegance and traditional craftsmanship.

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