Naurattan Ghucha Bali Earrings: A Symphony of Nine Gems in Sterling Silver and Gold

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  1. Rubies: Radiant red gems symbolizing passion, energy, and vitality.
  2. Ferozas (Turquoise): Calming blue hue representing protection and prosperity.
  3. Coral: Vibrant reddish gem symbolizing life force and endurance.
  4. Opal: Mysterious and magical, with a play-of-color resembling the cosmos.
  5. Sapphire: Deep blue representing wisdom, purity, and the vast heavens.
  6. Emeralds: Green gems resonating with harmony, growth, and fertility.
  7. Pearl Ghuchas: Serene luminance introducing grace and purity.
  8. Sterling Silver Base: 92.5% pure silver content providing a subtle sheen.
  9. Gold Plating: Adds opulence and warmth, enhancing the gems’ vibrancy.

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Features & Compatibility

  • The “Naurattan Ghucha Bali” earrings are a magnificent mélange of precious gems, each contributing to a rich tapestry of symbolism and beauty. These earrings feature the sacred nine gems, each holding a unique significance and charm.
  • Rubies in the earrings shine with a radiant red, embodying the essence of passion and power. They invoke a sense of energy and vitality in the wearer. Ferozas, or turquoise, lend a calming blue hue to the earrings, symbolizing protection and prosperity, and resonating with the vastness of the sky. Coral, known for its vibrant reddish hue, symbolizes the life force and endurance, adding a dynamic burst of color.
  • Opal, a gem full of mystery and magic, captivates with its play-of-color, reminiscent of a cosmos in stone, bringing hope and creativity. Sapphire, with its deep blue tones, is emblematic of the vastness of the heavens, symbolizing wisdom and purity. Emeralds, lush and green, resonate with themes of harmony, growth, and fertility, reflecting nature’s abundance.
  • The earrings are further adorned with pearl ghuchas, introducing an element of grace and purity, reminiscent of the moon’s soft glow. The base metal of the earrings is sterling silver, known for its high silver content and subtle sheen. This ensures that the “Naurattan Ghucha Bali” gleams with a unique luster, echoing tales of ancient wisdom and celestial connections.
  • Adding to the allure, the earrings are plated with gold, infusing the piece with an aura of opulence and warmth. This golden layer accentuates the vibrancy of the gemstones, weaving a narrative of luxury and timelessness. The Naurattan Ghucha Bali earrings are not just a piece of jewelry; they are a work of art, a celebration of the rich tapestry of gemstones, crafted with elegance and finesse.

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