Zircon & Ruby Pave Earrings: Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating – Radiance Meets Passion

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  1. Sparkling Clear Zircons: Features clear zircons in a pave setting, providing a captivating shimmering effect.
  2. Deep-Hued Treated Rubies: Embellished with treated rubies, symbolizing passion, courage, and desire with their vibrant color.
  3. Sterling Silver Foundation: Crafted in sterling silver for resilience and a glistening contrast to the gemstones.
  4. Rhodium Plating for Sophistication: Enhanced with rhodium plating, adding a brilliant sheen and highlighting the stones’ vibrancy.
  5. Elegant and Timeless Design: Combines the brilliance of zircons with the passion of rubies, perfect for various occasions.

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Features & Compatibility

  • Exquisite Gemstone Artistry: The Zircon & Ruby Pave Earrings showcase the artistry of Earth’s bounty. The clear zircons, revered for their captivating sparkle, are set in a pave style, catching light from every angle for a shimmering aura. The treated rubies add a deep, fervent hue, reigniting tales of passion and courage.
  • Lustrous Sterling Silver Base: The earrings are set on a sterling silver base, chosen for its resilience and alluring sheen. This metal elegantly complements the brilliance of the zircons while providing a stunning contrast to the deep hue of the rubies, accentuating their vibrancy.
  • Sophisticated Rhodium Plating: To add an extra layer of sophistication, the earrings are plated with rhodium. This plating ensures a brilliant sheen, enhancing the luminance of the zircons and providing a striking contrast to the vivid rubies.
  • Timeless Elegance for All Occasions: The Zircon & Ruby Pave Earrings are more than just accessories; they are a fusion of radiance and passion. Their elegant and timeless design makes them suitable for a variety of occasions, adding a touch of sophistication and color to any ensemble.
  • A Symphony of Brilliance and Depth: These earrings represent a symphony of brilliance and depth. They perfectly blend the sparkling beauty of zircons with the deep passion of rubies, making them an exquisite addition to any jewelry collection.

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