Zircon Marquee Tennis Bracelet: Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating

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  1. Brilliant Clear Zircons: Features dazzling clear zircons, offering diamond-like brilliance and fire.
  2. Expertly Selected and Set Stones: Each zircon is meticulously chosen and set for a seamless, continuous shimmer.
  3. Sterling Silver Base: Made with 92.5% pure silver, known for its luster and durability, enhancing the bracelet’s elegance.
  4. Rhodium Plating for Enhanced Shine: Coated with rhodium for a brighter finish and tarnish resistance, adding to its luxury.
  5. Synonymous with Sophistication: Perfect for adding a touch of luxury and luminescence to any outfit, suitable for various occasions.

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Features & Compatibility

  • Captivating Clear Zircons: The Zircon Marquee Tennis Bracelet is centered around the stunning sparkle of clear zircons. These stones are selected for their exceptional brilliance and dispersion, creating a dance of light that captivates the eye.
  • Precision in Selection and Setting: Every zircon in the bracelet is chosen with precision and set with care. This meticulous process ensures a continuous flow of shimmer, gracefully adorning the wrist of the wearer.
  • Lustrous Sterling Silver Foundation: The bracelet’s base is sterling silver, comprising 92.5% pure silver. This metal not only offers strength and durability but also provides a lustrous backdrop that enhances the zircons’ sparkle, creating a harmonious blend of metal and stone.
  • Enhanced with Rhodium Plating: An additional layer of rhodium plating is applied to the bracelet. This not only gives it a brighter finish but also protects it from tarnishing over time. Rhodium, belonging to the platinum family, adds an extra dimension of luxury and sophistication.
  • A Symbol of Luxury and Elegance: The Zircon Marquee Tennis Bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s a symbol of sophistication and luxury. Its timeless design and brilliant sparkle make it suitable for various occasions, from everyday wear to special events.

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