Radiant Tapestry: Multi-Colored Kundan Hyderabadi Bracelet in Sterling Silver

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  1. Multi-Colored Kundan Stones: Capturing the essence of tradition with their unmatched brilliance and purity, reflecting the diverse hues of life.
  2. Sterling Silver Base: The bracelet’s foundation with 92.5% pure silver content, known for its bright luster and durability, enhancing the Kundan stones’ iridescence.
  3. Gold Plating: Adds a luxurious aura, reminiscent of the grandeur of ancient royalty.
  4. Antique Polishing: Meticulously applied to enhance the vintage charm and highlight the intricate designs and settings of the Kundan stones.
  5. Timeless Elegance: A stunning juxtaposition of color and sheen, this bracelet is a testament to the enduring beauty of traditional jewelry artistry.

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  • The Multi-Colored Kundan Hyderabadi Bracelet is a splendid representation of traditional craftsmanship blended with radiant elegance. At the heart of this bracelet are the multi-colored Kundan stones, known for their unparalleled brilliance and purity. Kundan, a traditional method of gem setting, is characterized by its distinct shine and depth of color. These stones do not just adorn the bracelet; they bring to life the opulence and splendor of ancient palaces and royal courts, reflecting a rich tapestry of historical narratives.
  • The bracelet’s foundation is made from sterling silver, renowned for its bright luster and durability. Containing 92.5% pure silver, this base metal not only provides a strong and lasting structure but also enhances the vibrant colors of the Kundan stones. The gleaming silver creates a harmonious backdrop, allowing each stone to shimmer with its own unique light.
  • Adding to the bracelet’s elegance is the dual artistry of gold plating and antique polishing. The gold plating imbues the bracelet with a luxurious aura, reminiscent of regal eras and their timeless grandeur. The antique polish further enhances the bracelet’s vintage charm, meticulously applied to bring out the intricate designs and settings of the Kundan stones. This careful process ensures that each detail stands out, highlighting the craftsmanship and artistry that have gone into creating this exquisite piece. The bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry; it is a wearable piece of art, embodying the timeless elegance and radiant beauty of traditional Kundan work.

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