Traditional Pipe Bali Naurattan Jhumkas: A Mélange of Nine Jewels and Time-Honored Craft

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Embark on a journey of celestial significance and timeless craftsmanship with our “Traditional Pipe Bali Naurattan Jhumkas.” These exquisite jhumkas are a mélange of nine gems, each representing a celestial body according to Indian astrology, and are accompanied by the gentle luminescence of cultured pearls.

The term ‘Naurattan’ translates to ‘nine gems’, and each gem in these jhumkas holds deep symbolic meaning, connecting the wearer to the cosmos. This blend of semi-precious stones isn’t just a visual treat; it’s a meaningful connection to celestial forces that influence our lives.

Adding to the vibrancy of the naurattan stones are the cultured pearl hangings. These pearls, with their gentle luminescence and ethereal beauty, provide the perfect counterpoint to the vivacity of the naurattan stones. Each pearl is a whisper of the ocean’s tales, a dance of light, and a symbol of grace.

Crafted in sterling silver, these jhumkas are a testament to both durability and luminosity. Sterling silver, with its composition of 92.5% pure silver, lays the perfect canvas for the colorful array of stones. This ensures that the “Traditional Pipe Bali Naurattan Jhumkas” resonate with a lustrous brilliance.

To add a layer of richness and opulence, these jhumkas are cloaked in gold plating. This golden embrace not only accentuates the shimmer of the silver but also complements the myriad hues of the naurattan stones, making the earrings a symbol of regality and opulence.

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Features & Compatibility

  1. Gemstone Ensemble: Naurattan and Cultured Pearls.
  2. Celestial Significance: Naurattan stones represent celestial bodies in Indian astrology.
  3. Ethereal Beauty: Cultured pearls dance with ocean’s tales and grace.
  4. Sterling Silver Base: 92.5% pure silver for durability and luminosity.
  5. Gilded Radiance: Gold plating adds a layer of richness and opulence.
  6. Connection to the Cosmos: A meaningful blend of gemstones with celestial symbolism.

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