Naurattan Mogra Bracelet: A Dazzling Ensemble of Nine Gems in Sterling Silver and Gold

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  1. Rubies: Add a royal touch with their fiery passion and gleaming presence.
  2. Sapphires: Bestow serenity and wisdom with their radiant blue.
  3. Emeralds: Resonate with nature’s vibrancy in a lush green hue.
  4. Corals: Mirror the profound depths of the ocean with an earthy tone.
  5. Ferozas: Bring peace and calm with their reflective sky blue.
  6. Peridots: Emanate rejuvenation, capturing the essence of spring.
  7. Pearls: Symbolize purity and innocence with an ethereal glow.
  8. Red and Green Onyx Strings: Introduce a rhythmic color play, enhancing grandeur.
  9. Sterling Silver Base: Offers a luminous glow and timeless allure.
  10. Gold Plating: Bestows a warm, golden aura, elevating the bracelet’s aesthetics.

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  • The “Naurattan Mogra Bracelet” is an exquisite piece that masterfully combines the mystical allure of nine celestial gems with the timeless elegance of sterling silver and gold. True to its name, this bracelet features real Naurattan Stones, each representing a unique aspect of the cosmos and adding its distinct charm to the ensemble.
  • Rubies in the bracelet gleam with fiery passion, adding a touch of royalty to the piece. Sapphires radiate wisdom and serenity with their deep blue hues, while emeralds resonate with nature’s vibrancy in a rich green. Corals, with their earthy profundity, echo the depths of the ocean, and ferozas reflect the tranquil blues of the sky, bringing peace and calm. Peridots capture the essence of rejuvenating spring, and pearls, symbolizing purity and innocence, add an ethereal glow to the bracelet.
  • Enhancing the bracelet’s grandeur are strings of red and green onyx, introducing a rhythmic play of color that complements the other gems. The base of the bracelet is crafted from sterling silver, known for its luminous glow and strength. Comprising 92.5% pure silver, the metal introduces a timeless allure, transforming the bracelet from a mere accessory to a potential heirloom.
  • The bracelet is further adorned with a layer of gold plating, enveloping the sterling silver in a warm, golden aura. This gilded touch not only elevates the visual aesthetics but also allows the multicolored gemstones to stand out magnificently against the lustrous backdrop. The Naurattan Mogra Bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry; it’s a symphony of stones and silver, a celebration of celestial beauty crafted for elegance and durability.

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