Zircon Marquee Valima Set in Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating

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  1. Radiant Clear Zircons: Features masterfully cut zircons, maximizing brilliance and sparkle for a stunning effect.
  2. Elegant Cultured Pearl Accents: Graceful pearl drops symbolize purity and marital bliss, adding a refined touch.
  3. Sterling Silver Base: Crafted with durable and lustrous sterling silver, ideal for the intricate design of the set.
  4. Rhodium Plating for Lasting Shine: Enhanced with rhodium plating, offering a tarnish-resistant finish and extra luster.
  5. Perfect for Valima Celebrations: Designed to complement the grandeur of Valima ceremonies, adding elegance and tradition to the occasion.

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Features & Compatibility

  • Exquisite Zircon and Pearl Combination: The Zircon Marquee Valima Set is a dazzling display of craftsmanship, featuring radiant clear zircons that are cut to enhance their natural sparkle. Complementing these are the graceful cultured pearl drops, symbolizing purity and adding an element of refined elegance.
  • Timeless Sterling Silver Base: The base of this exquisite set is made from sterling silver, known for its strength and enduring shine. This metal is the ideal foundation for the delicate arrangement of zircons and pearls, ensuring both durability and a timeless appeal.
  • Enhanced with Rhodium Plating: To elevate its elegance, each piece in the set is coated with rhodium plating. This not only enhances the sterling silver’s natural luster but also provides a durable, tarnish-resistant finish. It’s perfect for maintaining the set’s beauty during the grandeur of Valima celebrations.
  • Ideal for Valima Ceremonies: The Zircon Marquee Valima Set is designed keeping in mind the significance and elegance of Valima celebrations. It’s a perfect blend of tradition and modern design, ensuring that the wearer stands out with grace and sophistication.
  • A Symbol of Marital Bliss: This set is more than just an accessory; it’s a symbol of marital bliss and purity, represented by the beautiful pearls. It’s an ideal choice for brides or for those attending a Valima, looking to add a touch of tradition and elegance to their attire.

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