Zircon GJ Kara: Sterling Silver with Dual Gold and Rhodium Plating

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  1. Dazzling Clear Zircons: Features clear zircons with a diamond-like sparkle, adding opulence and grandeur.
  2. Meticulously Set Gemstones: Each zircon is carefully set to maximize light capture and reflection, ensuring constant luminosity.
  3. Sterling Silver Base for Hypoallergenic Comfort: Crafted in sterling silver, known for its luminosity, strength, and hypoallergenic properties.
  4. Luxurious Gold Plating: Enhanced with a rich gold plating, offering a regal golden hue suitable for special occasions and everyday elegance.
  5. Rhodium Finish for Ethereal Glow: The zircons receive a rhodium finish, amplifying their shine and creating a harmonious dual-tone effect.

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Features & Compatibility

  • Radiant Zircons as Centerpiece: The Zircon GJ Kara is a symphony of elegance and grace, featuring clear zircons celebrated for their dazzling brilliance. These gemstones are reminiscent of diamonds in their sparkle, adding a touch of luxury to the kara.
  • Precision in Gemstone Setting: The meticulous setting of each zircon ensures they beautifully capture and reflect light from every angle. This careful placement guarantees that the kara glows with a luminous radiance at all times.
  • Sterling Silver for Durability and Comfort: The kara’s foundation is sterling silver, chosen for its hypoallergenic qualities, luminosity, and durability. This ensures that the kara is comfortable for those with sensitive skin and remains a cherished piece over time.
  • Regal Gold Plating for Added Elegance: The kara is enriched with radiant gold plating, providing a luxurious and royal golden hue. This makes it an ideal accessory for both special occasions and adding everyday elegance.
  • Rhodium Finish for Enhanced Brilliance: The zircons are finished with rhodium, enhancing their shine and giving them an ethereal glow. The combination of gold and rhodium plating creates a unique dual-tone effect, adding depth and dimension to the overall design.

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