Zeenat Mahal Collection: A Legacy of Ethereal Beauty

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  1. Explore the Zeenat Mahal necklace set featuring captivating grey zircons and intricate gold and rhodium plating.
  2. Embrace the elegance of the Maala, a masterpiece of vibrant gemstones, including pink zircons and green onyx.
  3. Experience the timeless allure of sterling silver as the base metal, promising both durability and luster.
  4. Discover the perfect blend of tradition and modernity with antique polishing and contemporary rhodium finish.
  5. Adorn yourself with jewelry that tells a story, redefines tradition, and makes you feel truly royal.

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  • At the heart of the Zeenat Mahal Collection lies a legacy of ethereal beauty and timeless elegance. The necklace set, comprising a necklace, earrings, and teeka, is a masterpiece that captures the essence of moonlit nights and romantic rendezvous. The ethereal grey zircons, with their muted yet captivating luminescence, create a sense of mystique and allure. These exquisite gems find their perfect setting in sterling silver, a metal that gleams with the promise of eternity.
  • What truly amplifies the beauty of this set is its intricate plating. A lustrous layer of gold embraces the sterling silver, lending warmth and opulence to the design. However, what sets this collection apart is the addition of a rhodium finish on the polkies, providing a contemporary twist to a traditional piece. This dual-toned plating adds depth and dimension, making the necklace set a true work of art that evokes a sense of nostalgia—a tribute to bygone eras of regality and splendor.
  • Accompanying the necklace in this regal ensemble are the matching earrings and teeka. These pieces embody the same ethos of design and elegance, completing the trinity of perfection. Adorning oneself with this jewelry is nothing short of becoming a vision of beauty and grace.
  • The Maala, a true piece de resistance in the Zeenat Mahal Collection, is a brilliant play of colors and stones. It features vibrant pink zircons representing blooming flowers, verdant green onyx symbolizing lush forests, and grey-colored zircon polkies reminiscent of twilight skies. Each stone, distinct in its hue and brilliance, comes together to create a masterpiece that’s as poetic as it is elegant.
  • Once again, the base metal of sterling silver stands tall as a testament to durability and sheen. The gold plating, coupled with an antique polish, tells tales of empires of yore, of queens and princesses, of courts and courtyards. In essence, the Zeenat Mahal Collection is more than just jewelry—it’s a story, a legacy, an emotion. It’s for those who value tradition but aren’t afraid to redefine it. It’s for those who know that beauty isn’t just about looking good; it’s about feeling royal.

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