Tourmaline and Polki Maala: Royal Grandeur in Every Detail

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The “Tourmaline and Polki Maala” is a masterpiece that exudes royal grandeur in every detail. At its heart are intricately carved tourmaline-colored zircons, meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of opulence and sophistication fit for a queen. These zircons, with their regal hue and exquisite detailing, form the crowning jewel of this maala.

Adding to the allure of this magnificent piece are champagne-colored zircons, which introduce an element of subtle elegance to the design. Their warm and inviting hue complements the tourmaline zircons, creating a harmonious blend of colors that captivates the eye.

The maala doesn’t stop at elegance; it dazzles with the brilliance of clear zircons. These gemstones provide a mesmerizing sparkle that transforms the necklace into a radiant mélange of colors and sparkles. With every movement, the clear zircons catch the light, creating an enchanting play of luminosity.

Crafted with precision and dedication, the maala is skillfully fashioned in sterling silver. This choice of base metal ensures not only the strength and longevity of the piece but also a luminous sheen that enhances its overall appeal. Sterling silver, known for its radiant glow, forms the perfect canvas for the gemstones to shine.

To elevate its regal charm, the maala is adorned with a rich layer of gold plating. The gold plating exudes opulence and luxury, enhancing the beauty of the embedded stones. Selective rhodium finishes add depth and intricate detailing to the design, making every element stand out.

What truly sets this maala apart is its antique polish, which imparts a vintage charm reminiscent of regal heirlooms. The combination of gold plating, rhodium finishes, and antique detailing creates a piece that feels like it has a storied history, fit for a queen.

In summary, the “Tourmaline and Polki Maala” is a work of art that combines intricately carved tourmaline zircons, champagne zircons, and clear zircons to create a radiant mélange of colors and sparkles. Crafted in sterling silver and adorned with gold plating, rhodium finishes, and an antique polish, it embodies royal grandeur and timeless elegance—a maala fit for a queen.

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Features & Compatibility

    1. Intricately Carved Tourmaline Zircons: The maala features intricately carved tourmaline-colored zircons that evoke a sense of royal grandeur.
    2. Subtle Elegance of Champagne Zircons: Champagne-colored zircons add a touch of subtle elegance to the design.
    3. Dazzling Brilliance of Clear Zircons: Clear zircons provide dazzling brilliance, creating a radiant mélange of colors and sparkles.
    4. Crafted in Sterling Silver: The maala is skillfully crafted in sterling silver, ensuring strength, longevity, and a luminous sheen.
    5. Rich Gold Plating with Antique Finish: The necklace boasts a rich layer of gold plating with selective rhodium finishes and an antique polish, reminiscent of regal heirlooms.

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