Multi Tourmaline Kara: A Symphony of Colors and Elegance

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  1. Multi-Colored Zircons: A Vibrant Spectrum Inspired by Tourmaline Gemstones
  2. Clear Zircons: A Luminous Canvas Amplifying the Brilliance of Colored Stones
  3. Sterling Silver Base: Lustrous and Durable Foundation for the Gemstones
  4. Luxurious Gold Plating: Adding a Touch of Opulence and Timeless Elegance
  5. Enhanced Rhodium Finish: Intensifying the Sparkle of Clear Zircons for Added Brilliance

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  • The Multi Tourmaline Kara is not just a piece of jewelry; it’s a dance of colors and sparkle, a celebration of craftsmanship and beauty. The heart of this exquisite Kara lies in its palette of multi-colored zircons, each hue narrating a different story – from the deep blues of the oceans to the fiery reds of sunsets. These vibrant stones create a visual journey, making every glance a new discovery.
  • Complementing the colored zircons are the clear zircons, serving as a luminous canvas that elevates the vibrancy of their colorful counterparts. Their brilliance adds a sophisticated dimension to the Kara, making it a standout piece.
  • The base of sterling silver provides a lustrous and robust foundation, enhancing the true vibrancy of the zircons and ensuring the Kara’s longevity and premium finish. Adorned with a layer of rich gold plating, the Kara exudes a classic elegance and opulence. The clear zircons are further enhanced with a rhodium finish, intensifying their sparkle and contrast with the colored zircons, ensuring that each stone’s beauty is fully realized.

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