Quad Color Champagne Kara: A Symphony of Colors and Precious Stones

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  1. Sterling Silver Base for Luster and Durability: Crafted in sterling silver, providing a sophisticated backdrop for the stones.
  2. Champagne-Colored Zircons as Centerpiece: Features champagne-colored zircons for a luxurious tone.
  3. Vibrant Quartet of Gemstones: Includes treated ruby, jadeite, feroza, and black onyx, each adding a unique hue and story.
  4. Fiery Treated Ruby for Passion: Symbolizes energy and passion with its vibrant red color.
  5. Calming Jadeite for Wisdom: Adds a tale of ancient wisdom with its soothing green hues.
  6. Serene Feroza for Expansiveness: Evokes the essence of the sky with its serene blue color.
  7. Mysterious Black Onyx for Depth: Represents the deep night with its mysterious and deep black hue.
  8. Luxurious Gold Plating for Elegance: Draped in a layer of pure gold, enhancing the kara’s regality and durability.

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  • The Quad Color Champagne Kara is an ode to the opulence and beauty of colors, a masterpiece that combines the timeless elegance of sterling silver with the vibrant allure of precious stones. The base of this exquisite kara is crafted in sterling silver, whose natural gleam provides a perfect canvas for the colored stones to radiate with brilliance.
  • At the heart of this kara is the warm, inviting glow of champagne-colored zircons, which set a luxurious and opulent tone. Complementing these are the quartet of vibrant gemstones – each chosen for its unique hue and clarity. The treated ruby adds a fiery dance of passion and energy with its vibrant red color, while jadeite brings a calming embrace and whispers tales of ancient wisdom with its soothing green hues. Feroza, with its touch of the endless sky, adds serenity and expansiveness with its serene blue color. The deep and mysterious black onyx holds secrets of the universe, adding depth and intrigue to the kara.
  • The kara is draped in a layer of pure gold, which exudes a regal aura. This gold plating not only amplifies the beauty of the stones but also ensures durability, making the Quad Color Champagne Kara a treasured piece for generations to come. Perfect for those who appreciate the harmony of colors and the elegance of fine jewelry, this kara is a testament to the beauty of combining diverse gemstones in a harmonious design.

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