Peacock Kara: A Dazzling Harmony of Jade, Ruby, and Zircon Gemstones

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  1. Jadeites: Vibrant green hue, symbolizing freshness and tranquility.
  2. Treated Rubies: Deep red, embodying passion and love.
  3. Blue Zircons: Royal blue, reflecting elegance and sophistication.
  4. Clear Zircons: Sparkling brilliance, enhancing the kara’s allure.
  5. Harmonious Design: A symphony of stones, embodying nature’s splendor.

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  • Peacock Kara: An Ode to Nature’s Grandeur and Beauty” is a masterfully crafted piece that celebrates the elegance of natural elements through its exquisite design. At its core, the kara showcases a harmonious blend of carefully chosen gemstones. Jadeites, with their vibrant green hue, evoke a sense of freshness and tranquility, reminiscent of a serene landscape. Treated rubies add a striking contrast with their deep red color, symbolizing the intensity of passion and love, akin to the fiery plumes of a peacock. Blue zircons, mirroring the majestic blue feathers of a peacock, infuse the piece with a sense of luxury and sophistication. Clear zircons complement these stones, adding a radiant sparkle and brilliance, making the kara shimmer enchantingly with each movement. This piece is not only a testament to exceptional artisanship but also a tribute to the breathtaking beauty of nature

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