Knob Zircon Kara: Where Timeless Silver Meets Dazzling Sparkle

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  1. Scintillating Clear Zircons: Offer a diamond-like brilliance, adding unmatched sparkle and radiance.
  2. Sterling Silver Base Metal: Comprises 92.5% pure silver, ensuring both shine and durability.
  3. Elegant Gold Plating: Casts a warm, luxurious glow over the sterling silver, enhancing its appeal.
  4. White Rhodium Polished Zircon Knob: Adds a contemporary chic touch to the traditional kara.
  5. Dual Plating Technique: Creates a stunning contrast, highlighting the central zircon and enhancing the design.
  6. Perfect Harmony of Materials: Combines the luster of silver with the warmth of gold and the brilliance of zircons.
  7. Versatile and Timeless Accessory: Suitable for both formal and casual occasions, adding elegance to any outfit.

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Features & Compatibility

  • The Knob Zircon Kara is a stunning piece that beautifully embodies the harmony of classic elegance and modern sparkle. At the heart of this exquisite kara are the clear zircons, known for their brilliance that rivals even diamonds. Each zircon is expertly cut to catch and reflect light, creating a radiant aura around the wearer. The sparkle and shimmer of these stones make the kara not just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol of luminosity and grace.
  • The base of the kara is crafted from sterling silver, a metal chosen for its lustrous shine and lasting durability. Comprising 92.5% pure silver, it offers the perfect backdrop for the dazzling zircons, not only supporting them but also amplifying the bracelet’s overall magnificence. The sterling silver adds a timeless charm to the kara, making it a piece that transcends trends.
  • Adding depth and a touch of opulence to the kara is its gold plating. This layer casts a warm, luxurious glow over the sterling silver, creating a beautiful contrast with the sparkling zircons. The pièce de résistance of the design is the top zircon knob, polished in white rhodium. This dual plating technique not only highlights the central zircon but also brings a contemporary chic element to the traditional kara design.
  • The Knob Zircon Kara is a versatile and timeless accessory, perfect for enhancing any outfit. Whether worn at a formal event or as a sophisticated addition to a casual ensemble, this kara is sure to captivate and enchant with its perfect blend of materials and design.

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