Nacre Texture Kara: Dazzling Elegance Meets Marine Inspiration

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  1. Base Metal Excellence: Crafted in Sterling Silver for Durability and Sheen
  2. Pearls & Mother of Pearls: Classic Elegance Meets Unique Iridescence
  3. Sparkling Clear Zircons: Adding Sophistication with Starry Brilliance
  4. Grey Polkies: Subtle Contrast Enhancing the Design’s Vibrancy
  5. Champagne Gold Plating: A Contemporary Touch to Timeless Beauty

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  • The Nacre Texture Kara epitomizes understated opulence, combining the luminous durability of sterling silver with the enchanting beauty of marine-inspired gemstones. This unique piece of jewelry is not just an accessory but a narrative of deep-sea elegance. The core of the Kara, made from sterling silver, provides a gleaming canvas that enhances the shimmer of each gemstone and the richness of the gold plating.
  • Adorning this magnificent Kara are pearls, known for their soft glow and timeless grace, and mother of pearls, whose iridescence adds a mysterious depth to the design. The inclusion of clear zircons brings a resemblance to twinkling stars, elevating the Kara’s sophistication. Contrasting this brightness are the grey polkies, whose muted hue adds an interesting visual dynamic. The piece is completed with a champagne gold plating, offering a warm yet contemporary edge, perfect for complementing both traditional and modern outfits.

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