Onyx Closure Ring: A Fusion of Green Onyx and Zircon Brilliance in Sterling Silver

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  1. Center Stone: Green onyx, symbolizing protection and grounding.
  2. Accent Stones: Clear zircons enhancing the central onyx with pristine sparkle.
  3. Base Metal: Durable and lustrous sterling silver.
  4. Metal Finish: Timelessly elegant, offering a radiant setting.
  5. Plating: Smooth rhodium finish for a refined silvery glow.

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  • The “Onyx Closure Ring” presents a captivating tale of contrast and allure. At its heart is a mesmerizing green onyx, deep and verdant, embodying a mystery that echoes the beauty of nature. This central stone, known for its symbolism of protection and grounding, becomes the ring’s focal point, drawing in the gaze and captivating the observer. Surrounding the onyx are clear zircons, their pristine sparkle not only complementing but also enhancing the onyx’s profound beauty. This interplay of stones creates a striking visual contrast, making the ring a truly unique piece.
  • The ring is meticulously crafted in sterling silver, a metal renowned for its enduring beauty and luster. Sterling silver not only provides a durable foundation for the stones but also adds an ageless charm to the piece, making it both a contemporary style statement and a timeless keepsake. Adding to its elegance, the ring is blanketed in a smooth rhodium finish. This plating not only bestows an additional layer of protection to the ring but also imparts a luxurious silvery sheen. This sheen beautifully complements the dazzle of the zircons and the depth of the onyx, making the Onyx Closure Ring a perfect blend of luxury and enchantment, suitable for any occasion.

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